Customise an out-of-the-box B2B Platform that best Represents your Business Personality

ERP Integration Support

You will be supported by our team of experts with the integration and setup of the ERP system.

Invoices Paid Online

Allow your resellers/customers to manage and pay their invoices through the b2b platform.

Apply Pricing Rules

Set special pricing rules in the back end for each unique customer type.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Ensure that your platform is mobile friendly with optimised performance on a native application.

Setup Data Exchange Rules

Automate data exchange rules for price and quantity to ensure your platform is live with latest data.

Shipping Preferences

Setup drop shipping and automate the purchase cycle for full efficiency.

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Implement a design template of your choice and watch your homepage come to life as you start to implement promotional banners and images.

Checkout Process

Customise a checkout process that reflects your business operations. Speak to our team of experts who can guide you on the best way to setup your platform based on your processes. Our team will also integrate the payment gateway of your choice.

Product Listing

Present your products and solutions on your platform by categorising them in a menu navigation. Design a menu style of your choice and create either a single-level or multi-level product categories.

Easy to Use Console

Manage your whole B2B platform through an easy to use admin console. Our team will provide a walkthrough for your administrator to guide them through.

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