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Alibaba Cloud networking services provide you a highly stable, low latency, and high-speed network with flexible hybrid cloud connections. Our networking services deliver secure and reliable communication to and from IDCs in 20 regions globally.

Elastic Computing

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is a powerful online computing service that offers elastic, scalable and secure cloud servers. Tap into highly customisable cloud computing capacity and scale up or down based on real-time demands, and enjoy the flexibility of securing VMs on a yearly subscription or pay on demand.

Database Services

Alibaba Cloud offers fully managed database services. We monitor, backup, and recover your database automatically so that you can fully focus on your business development. To provide more stable and scalable database services, Alibaba Cloud optimised the source code based on the open-source database engines.


Security and compliance are always our top concerns. Alibaba Cloud security service is committed to providing simple, secure and intelligent security services. You can access the services at any time anywhere with our easy-to-use and simple deployments.

By fostering and developing innovative technologies, Alibaba Cloud is changing the world.

Better Technology for a Better World

Intelligent Retail

The retail industry is going through dramatic digital transformation. Underpinning the new era of retail are the omnichannel customer experience, digitization of commerce scenarios, and big data analytics among other things. Alibaba Cloud, the technology underpinning these innovations, is a proven pioneer, utilizing the cloud, big data and AI technologies to redefine retail business. Leveraging the know-how and practical experience of the world’s leading retail business, Alibaba Cloud’s retail solution is second to none when it comes to transforming your business for the digital age.

Future Finance

Based on highly available cloud infrastructure, a diverse set of cloud products, professional cloud services, and rich digital transformation experience, Alibaba Cloud helps financial institutions to build next generation financial architecture with low cost and high availability. Enabled by its big data platform and AI technologies, Alibaba Cloud can provide customised solutions in risk modelling, data management, security, face recognition, and universal financial scenarios, with diverse applications across the consumer, bank, payment, securities, capital markets, and insurance industries.

A Greener Globe

Alibaba Cloud uses computing and algorithms to monitor for pollution and natural disasters as well as helping businesses cut down on carbon emissions. Alibaba Cloud has integrated all the necessary capabilities for its Environment Brain allowing you to monitor the data, regulate and respond to create a smart and ecological environment.


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Alibaba Cloud operates 63 availability zones in 21 regions around the world with more global regions set to follow.

Alibaba Cloud has more than 2,800 CDN Nodes around the globe


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